New-gen Smartphones: Where do they SUCK? (yes this is a comparison of failures)

Disclaimer: This is about what most normal people on the planet use as smartphone platform, Android based devices. As I am talking about new-gen, I am actually talking about the new HI-END devices. This won't discuss:

So... The three most important competitors for 2013 are out. Yes we could have a couple of surprises within the next six months (and FOR SURE near the end of the year), but the landscape is pretty much set: Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC ONE (random order).

You will find numerous reviews for all three. All reviews have a tendency to highlight the strong points of a device, yes good reviews mention the bad points too, but usually don't go deep about them. I won't go deep the good points at all. All devices have more or less fantastic hardware and software, go read the reviews.

So what SUCKS in these three new devices?

Xperia Z came first. Z's killer feature? IP55/57 (read: dust protected AND water resistant to a few meters of water!). So, what did they do wrong?
Well they did wrong two things they POSSIBLY couldn't do better.
So basically Z's problem is the CPU (still faster than last gen) and that it is a Sony.

HTC ONE came second. Killer feature? "A new kind of camera", a news/feature "feed" formed as live tiles (now where he have seen this before) and such.
So what is wrong?

In short HTC ONE's problems are its supposed killer features. Come on.

Samsung Galaxy S4 came recently with a Hollywood (ok actually Broadway like) event. They had an additional problem. They were already the champions and needed to hold the tittle. S4's killer feature? Nothing specific and many (actually WAY TOO many) little things that add-up to a fantastic package. Arguably many of those are software things.
Then what is the problem?

So S4's problem is that it looks like a Korean phone, it has some software functionality that is irrelevant to much of the market, it uses two different CPU and you are not even sure which one you will get (esp. with parallel/gray imports) AND in general you don't know S4 you are really getting (I good one? A better one? One that is better in something and worse in something else?)... because basically like EVERY Samsung smartphone, there is not ONE S4.

So which am I getting? None. We are in crisis remember.
But I think the BAD things should start being a factor in purchases. Don't just look what they give you. Look what they DON'T give you (and they could) and punish them accordingly.
(something that people should start doing to Apple more btw...)